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Why Choose Upstate Glass Tempering


 Keen attention to individualized customer service while simultaneously investing in the newest automated machinery has been the cornerstone of our brand. Additionally, our precision and attention to detail has earned Upstate Glass Tempering a reputation as the unchallenged destination for difficult custom projects


All of our machinery is European made, and our glass is sourced from North American manufacturers.


Upstate Glass Tempering has successfully launched the laminating branch of the company using our new Pujol laminating furnace from Barcelona, Spain. The laminated line focuses on high end custom laminated and tempered laminated product, using a variety of interlayers tailored to the needs of each client. Combined with our signature quality and service, Upstate Glass Tempering's laminating line will undoubtedly change the landscape of architectural glass in the industry.


Upstate Glass Tempering is proud to announce the addition of the FuseCube™ Express to our fabrication capabilities. The protective glass coating machine streamlines the application of Diamon-Fusion® glass treatment through a proprietary chemical vapor deposition process, ensuring double-sided coverage, uniform application, and a higher-quality coating.

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